Eco-Friendly Beach Tips

Eco-Friendly Beach Tips

Since hitting the beach is one of everyone’s favorite summertime activities, we thought it was important to send some friendly reminders on how to keep the beach clean, safe and enjoyable for everyone. The more we do to protect the environment the better we can all enjoy a beautiful, clean beach!

Always Pack Reusable Items

A reusable water bottle should be a non-negotiable these days - especially at the beach! Opt for an insulated, stainless steel bottle to keep your water icy-cold all day long. A good water bottle can be a larger upfront investment but one that definitely saves you cash in the long run. 

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Aside from water, pack any snacks or treats you plan to bring to the beach in reusable containers with reusable utensils! By choosing reusable over single-use plastic you are doing your part to help keep microplastics out of the ocean and the mouths of the fish we eat as well as help save these items from piling up in landfills. While you’re at it, opt for a tote back or reusable shopping bag over regular plastic bags to carry your things. Plastic bags can easily blow away, get left behind, or end up in the ocean.

Use Non-Toxic Products / Sunscreen

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Sunscreen is definitely one of the most important parts of a successful beach day! No one wants to go home looking like a ripe tomato or with long-term sun damage. Though the jury is still out on what's the real deal when it comes to chemicals in sunscreen and negative effects on coral and marine life, it doesn’t hurt to opt for a reef-friendly sun tan lotion. There can be a lot of greenwashing when it comes to this subject, so pay attention to ingredients over labels. “Reef-safe” and “Reef-Friendly” are not regulated labels. Opt for a non-nano, mineral-based cream or lotion over a mist or spray.

Be Respectful of Wildlife!

A no-brainer way to keep the beach the way you found it is to always leave wildlife alone. Remember you are the guest in their home and keeping your distance is an act of respect. This includes feeding animals (especially seagulls!) as well as picking up live animals (starfish, hermit crabs, turtles, etc). 

Leave Nothing Behind

pick up your garbage, eco-friendly beach tips

This is perhaps the most important tip as well as the easiest to remember and follow. Everything that came to the beach with you should leave with you. This means not simply tossing out trash in the trash cans at the beach - do your best to take your trash bags with you whenever possible and dispose of them yourself. You can help avoid the overflow of the beach cans which makes the litter worse. And if you do happen to see a piece of trash that doesn’t belong to you, please pick it up, too!

Don’t forget to recycle your Sunshine Wine cans! Since our cans are lighter in weight than glass bottles, you’re already reducing your carbon footprint by opting for cans. Way to go! Made of 70% recycled materials, cans are an excellent choice when you’re trying to be more e at the beach.

Beach days are one of the best parts of warm, sunny summer! Do your best to keep our beaches clean and protect the future of our environment by following these eco-friendly tips!

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