End of Summer To-Do List

End of Summer To-Do List

We know we're not the only o to feel like summer has passed us by. Beyond hitting the beach to soak up those last rays, final summer picnics and barbeques, outdoor concerts, and sunny bike rides, here is our end of summer to-do list!

Celebrate Life

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With Sunshine Wine, there's always something to celebrate. Start finding everyday reasons to smile. Every day of our lives is something to be grateful for, so before this summer is over, take the opportunity to consciously slow down, take in the world around you, and appreciate the small things that bring you joy. Write down your favorite summer memories, develop your favorite photos, and maybe even create a yearly scrapbook. After all, you're not saying goodbye to summer,  you're simply saying "see you later." If you begin getting those post-summer blues, simply pop open a can of Sunshine Wine and allow those memories to come flooding back! 

Daydream a Little

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Daydreaming might seem like the antithesis of a productive to-do list but letting your mind wander is both healthy and rejuvenating. Daydreaming can boost your creativity, relieve a little stress and help you unlock other parts of your brain. Even if you don’t have an entire day to devote to laying by the pool, going out hiking in nature, or taking a walk on the beach, give yourself a few moments to simply drift away from your present experience. You could do a little quiet meditation, listen to music that relaxes you, or simply sit on a bench and people-watch for a while. Bonus points: grab a can of Sunshine wine and dive into a summer read for a quick (and enjoyable!) escape from reality.

Beach & Tan Lines

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It bears repeating that summer is ending - so now’s the time to hit the beach for those l picnics, surfing sessions, and beach walks! The tan lines may fade but the memories will last forever! If it’s already starting to get a little chillier where you live, you might not be hitting the water anymore, but a crisp beach afternoon in the autumn wind with your favorite comfy hoodie and jeans is just as enjoyable.

Drink Sunshine Wine

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Just because the sun's beginning to make its departure, doesn't mean you have to pack up your stash of Sunshine Wine! With sunshine wine, you can bring sunshine into your life and make it feel like summer all year long. Grab your besties, snap a selfie, and toast to summer’s most delicious carbonated beverage!

With this to-do list, you can feel like you squeezed e drop of joy out of this beautiful summer season and be ready and excited for the oncoming fall!

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