Pack the Perfect Sunshine Picnic

Pack the Perfect Sunshine Picnic

There's no denying that summer is officially in full swing - and any excuse to head outside and get some fresh air and a little vitamin D is a good one! From al fresco dinners and walks along the beach to cruising on your bicycle or picnics outdoors, we’re here for all of them. But our favorite outdoor summer activity has got to be a beach picnic with Sunshine Wine. It pairs a great beach day with some perfect summer snacks, treats, and your favorite carbonated beach beverage. If you’re planning a beach picnic this summer - here are our best tips to make it amazing!

Pack some Fresh Fruit

fresh fruit picnic

Fresh fruit is a must-have for any beach day or picnic. There are a variety of fresh, summer fruits to choose from this time of year and they help keep you hydrated when you’re spending all day in the sun. We’re partial to slices of juicy watermelon, fresh strawberries, crunchy green grapes, or cubed cantaloupe. When it comes to fruits for your beach picnic - preparation is key! Cut, chop or mix your choices ahead of time and store them in plastic or glass Tupperware for easy storing and moving (and less beach trash!). Keep your fruit on ice (or on a platter on ice) so they stay chilled and juicy throughout the afternoon.

Pair with Fresh Brie & Prosciutto

brie cheese and charcuterie

There is no better pairing for Sunshine Wine than a little charcuterie selection! Hands down our favorite go-to pairing is a creamy fresh brie with fig or green apple slices and prosciutto. Since brie is a soft-ripened cheese it is warm weather friendly and perfectly compliments tasty salted prosciutto and crisp, sweet green apples. You could also toss in a jar of assorted olives and some toasted almonds to your picnic for a well-rounded board. Make sure you’ve got plenty of ice and a large cooler to keep everything perfectly chilled until you’re ready to eat. Don’t leave your meats and cheeses out in the direct sun, or out in general for more than two hours. Don't forget to pack a cutting board, cheese knife, and napkins!

Don’t Forget the Bread!

What picnic is complete without a choice of bread? For a summer beach picnic, some good options are a fancy rosemary flatbread, a crispy french baguette, or some buttery, flaky croissants. No matter what you choose- your bread, meat, cheese, and fruits will make for a lovely pairing with a fizzy, chilled can of Sunshine Wine!

An Ice-Filled Cooler With Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Finally: you are going to want to pack your favorite Vanilla bean ice cream. Why? For our Sunny Float! By simply mixing 1 part vanilla ice cream, 1 part Sunshine Wine, and a spritz of orange blossom water, you’ve got yourself the most delicious, refreshing, and just slightly buzzy beach picnic dessert. 

Now, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your cooler, fold up your favorite beach blanket, grab your picnic partner, and hit the beach!

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