Sunshine Wine is more than just a drink. It's summer all year long kind of a lifestyle. Our natural thirst quencher is designed and crafted to surprise and disarm. From the moment you pop open an ice cold can of Sunshine Wine, you will feel the rush of bubbly endorphins you only get on the first day of summer.


Sunshine Wine is one of the first carbonated wines designed to expand boundaries and unite differences. Crafted without convention or restraint, we're ready to leave our mark, are you? 

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More ways to add some Sunshine into your life

    Perfect for me & my bf

    We're officially obsessed with Sunshine Wine! It's the perfect middle ground for me and my boyfriend. If you don't like beer and your partner doesn't like wine, Sunshine Wine is for you!

    Delicious and Addicting

    I've never enjoyed a wine so much. I love that you can enjoy it over ice or chilled on it's own. It's so refreshing and makes you want to grab more. Sunshine Wine is my new go to canned wine.

    I love it so much!

    It definitely took me off guard at the first sip and now I am obsessed. It was very unexpected, yet so versatile. I love that you can mix it in cocktails. If you haven't tried a Sunny Float you haven't truly experienced summer!