Carbonated vs. Sparkling: What's the difference?

Carbonated vs. Sparkling: What's the difference?

The arrival of the official drink of summer, Sunshine Wine, is finally hitting stores near you! Sunshine Wine is the perfect tag-along for all your summer adventures: from the beach to the pool, the lake to the campsite. It pairs immaculately with any beach picnic (check out our top pairings, here.) or any summer brunch get-together. We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately regarding the difference between sparkling wine and carbonated wine..and we’re so glad you asked! Let’s check it out…


Sparkling Wines

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Sparkling wines (when compared with still wines) are fizzy because they are saturated with molecules of carbon dioxide - a gas that produces these bubbles. Sparkling wines can be made all over the world using a myriad of production methods and a variety of different grapes - red or white. Think Prosecco from Italy, Cava from Spain, as well as sparkling wines from California. Because of this, sparkling wines can range from dry to sweet and boast a flavor depending upon the types of grapes used as well as the method of production.

Carbonated Wines

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Carbonated wine, like Sunshine Wine, is truly in a class all its own. We are proud to have basically pioneered this entirely new beverage category! Think of our carbonated wine this way: a stable Federweißer whose cousin is a beer and whose aunt is a lemonade. A fermented white wine, lower in alcohol than wine, this carbonated wine is cold, bubbly, sweet, and refreshing. We’ve also added about as much CO2 as you’d find in a beer!

What Sets Sunshine Wine Apart

We always knew this drink was meant to be enjoyed poolside, which meant on ice. With that in mind, we set out to create carbonated wine that was concentrated enough to tolerate being diluted with ice and still conserve its flavors, taste profile, and overall character. The concentration means that by itself - it is truly a party in a can! But it also means that Sunshine Wine is versatile enough to be served over ice, mixed into cocktails (check out some of our favorite recipes, here.), or even desserts! Sunshine wine is made with ingredients, too!

Our cans are lightweight, easier, and more convenient to open than glass wine bottles and they’re recyclable. Since aluminum cans aren’t restricted like the glass is in certain places, Sunshine Wine is both beach and pool-friendly, making it your absolute must-have when you’re indulging a little this summer (and all year long)! 

Sunshine Wine is a rich, chilled, uber-refreshing beverage that is amplified by a beautiful, sunny day!

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